Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Is It Time?"

A child sat on Jesus' lap in the the splendor of heaven. The child asked, "Is it time?" Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "No, not yet child." The child asked, "When will it be time?" Jesus replied, "When lessons are learned, hardships endured, and loneliness lived, then it will be time." Time passed. The child asked, "Is it time?" Jesus parted the clouds and looked and said, "No, not yet child" The child asked, "When will it be time?" Jesus replied, "When maturity is reached, self-worth affirmed and spirits strengthened, then it will be time." Time passed. The child asked, "Is it time?" Jesus parted the clouds, looked and said, "Their love is strong and their hearts are open. Yes, now it is time -"Your family is ready." ~Author Unknown

Sunday, December 27, 2009

busy bees!

Kurt and Jadon worked hard today to put together Jackson's closet. It is now fully installed and my sweet husband even hung some of the jungle animals on the wall!

Tomorrow will be day 11 in our wait for TA. We are expecting to receive it in the next couple of weeks. Once we have TA we should be traveling approximately 2 weeks after that.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The kids enjoyed opening a few Christmas packages for Jackson. We're looking forward to all that God has planned for our family in 2010!

Unless we receive our TA, I probably will not post until after the new year. We pray that God will bless your family abundantly in 2010! We pray that God will show you where you fit into His plan for the orphan!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Updates on our little Kuan Kuan

We also received an update on Jackson. With all of his L-A-Y-E-R-S of clothing he now weighs approximately 24 lbs and is 32 inches tall. Tomorrow he will be 28 months old.

Article 5

And so you ask "what does that mean?" Well...we are in the final stage of waiting! Our Article 5 was issued and picked up on 12/17 to be delivered to the CCAA. Once the CCAA receives our Article 5 they will issue our Travel Approval. This can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks, according to our agency. We will probably travel 2 weeks after we receive TA!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One Step Closer

Today I called USCIS to check on the status of our I800 application. The I800 is the approval to classify Jackson as an immediate relative. We received our I800 approval on Friday, 12/4. It was then sent on 12/5 to NVC, National Visa Center. From here it is cabled to the US Consulate in Guanzhou, China. This meets up with our LOA, and some other papers, gets stapled together and signed and becomes our Article 5. A worker from WACAP then picks up our Article 5 and delivers it to the CCAA. From here we wait approximately 4 weeks to receive our TA (Travel Approval).

Kurt and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on 12/4!! What a wonderful anniversary gift for us both!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Care Package and more.....

Today we mailed Jackson's care package. We included 2 sign language board books, Good Night Gorilla board book (the kids' favorite), Crayola triangular crayons and a drawing pad, a Fisher Price camera that works much like a view master, although you don't put in any discs. We also included a little notebook for the foster family to write down special memories or events in Jackson's life since he has been living with them, a wooden Thomas the Train, a chunky Tonka truck, Werther's Original candies for his foster family, a disposable camera, a letter translated into Chinese, his very own "Night, Night" blanket and a Sassy photo album with our pictures in it. The pictures are also labeled in Chinese so that his foster family can try to communicate to him, using the sign language books, who we are. I did not include anything that could not be replaced, just in case he never gets the gifts. Often times, you will send a package and they only come back with the photo album and maybe a toy that you sent.

We also received our notice from USCIS that they have received our I800 application. We are hoping to have that approval in a week or so.

We purchased the Baby Signing Time DVDs to begin working on our sign language more. We will put these on our laptop to have for Jackson when we travel.

If you have been following the "Weather In Datong" widget that is off to the right of my blog, then you have noticed that it is already very cold in Datong. This morning I awoke with a heavy heart and felt God's Holy Spirit nudge me to pray for Jackson. Specifically to pray that he would be kept warm. I have enjoyed our little 2 day cold front that we had for Thanksgiving, but so often I take for granted how cold it gets in other places. Being a Florida girl, I have only experienced "cold" in Wyoming and Colorado in December, but not for an extended amount of time. Please pray for all of the orphans who are already in the beginning of their winter right now! I do not know what Jackson's living conditions are. But what I do know is that the temperatures in Datong (January/February) can get to 25 below zero. Please pray that when Jackson goes to bed tonight, that he has a full belly and warm blanket! Please pray for God to prepare his heart. Please pray that God will fill his mind with memories of his foster family and that one day he will be able to recall those memories of his life in China. Please pray for his foster mom, the only "Mama" that he has known. Pray that God prepares her heart for Jackson to leave.

It's Gonna Be A JUNGLE In Here!

Have I mentioned how wonderful my husband is??? I need to find a before picture, meaning BEFORE there were walls and doors to close off this bedroom. Kurt added walls, extended tile, added french doors, installed a new ceiling fan, texturized new walls, painted, pulled up old, NASTY carpet, installed the flooring, painted baseboards and put back in (which all has been a work in progress for quite a few months) and at the end of the day when I asked him at 11:00pm if he felt up to hanging the curtains, he said "Yes" with a smile on his face and a sweetness in his voice! And never showed that he was annoyed as I followed behind him and swept up the white drywall on my new floor! He is more than I deserve!!!!

Jackson's bedding is the Baby Cocoa by Lambs and Ivy. I can't wait to start hanging the wooden animals on the walls and putting the stuffed jungle animals we have purchased into his room. We are going to buy a toddler bed and then a dresser that matches Jadon's furniture. We hope he will just love it!


After much hemmin'and hawwin' we finally decided on the Pergo laminant. It's beautiful, don't
'cha think?? Although it is not the best acoustics for a hearing impaired child, it IS the most practical for our family. The process to install was not difficult at all, as long as your walls are straight! But, it's all good we worked out the kinks! It's so shiny, and cool to the feet and most of all, doesn't have a lick of dog hair on it! The french doors shut to Jackson's room and is off limits to the dog! We are very pleased with our purchase!


I can't say that we shed any tears as we pulled up the carpet. We have only been in our house for 4 1/2 years, but our carpet has sure seen better days. I'm sure our 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab will be sad to see it go. I have never seen a dog that could roll back the carpet (since construction of the bedroom) while you weren't looking, snack on some carpet padding and then roll the carpet back in it's proper place undetectable...except for the evidence on her whiskers and green padding scattered here and there! The kids had a great time helping! We're looking forward to trash day tomorrow...I'm not sure I can have carpet again after seeing what's under it after only 4 years!

We Said "YES!" Again!

When we received our first LOA, our last name had been mispelled! We were quite concerned because we didn't know how much of a delay this could cause. Our agency has been wonderful and assured us that everything would be fixed quickly. We sent our I800 application which is our application to classify Jackson as an immediate relative. Our case manager contacted CCAA to request a corrected LOA and we received it the night before Thanksgiving. It was in the Fed Ex box Friday morning and at our agency this morning. We are so relieved that this is completed and on it's way to China! It will meet up with our I800 approval (which we are still waiting for) that gets cabled. Then the process continues to our TA. A few blogs that I have read have a wonderful explanation of the process from this point on. I will dedicate a separate post to that soon.

Painting and More Painting

Kurt's dad (Grandpa) came for a week's visit and helped us paint Jackson's room. I just love the color and am pleased with our choice. Jackon's room will have a jungle theme.

Friday, November 13, 2009


FOR OUR LOA!!!!!!!!

We received our phone call tonight from WACAP at 5:34pm while on the soccer fields! Our case worker is estimating travel in 2 1/2-3 months! That puts us in February!!!! Exactly one year from the time we decided to adopt!

We just started painting Jackson's room tonight and I'm sure we'll be up for quite awhile this evening!

Our God is faithful and His timing is PERFECT!!! Please pray for Jackson because I'm sure they will start transitioning him soon and preparing him for our arrival. From what we know, he has been with the same foster family for over a year!

Monday, November 9, 2009

DAY 84 and praying!

"but these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, be patient! for it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day!" Habakkuk 2:3

The Lord layed this scripture on my heart on Day 79. God's timing has been perfect from the moment time began! The past ten years of my life have been the fruit of God's perfect timing and His perfect husband, Sydney, Jadon and now, our "very clever" and cute Kuan Kuan! I find great peace, comfort and assurance that our LOA, our TA, our flight, and our Forever Family day "will not be late by a single day!"

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This is a test to see if we are able to post on our blog via email!
Preparing for China soon.
Painting to begin soon and decorating Jackson's room!
We received an update from a family that just returned from Datong with their
Apparently our little Jackson is "very clever" and cute!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The End of Day 71

Tonight is the end of our 71st day of waiting for our LOA.

We are hopeful to hear news soon!

We received an email from our case manager with all of our last set of papers to fill out and send back. These papers are usually completed at the same time you receive your LOA and then returned. We will be mailing ours back to our agency tomorrow evening so that they might have time to look them over before the weekend.

Although, it's not our LOA, it's movement and it's one step closer to bringing our Jackson home...One Step At A Time!

As soon as we have our LOA we will send Jackson a care package with our pictures!

Blessed Beyond Belief!

Sydney and Jadon selling lemonade and chocolate chip cookies to help bring their little brother home!
We even had dogs come by and purchase items...I believe 4 or 5 dogs came!

Grandma taking a break...did I tell you that FL was setting record high temps for October???

People are still coming...

and coming...!!!!

The final hour I finally get a chance to sit down!

Sydney, Grandma, and Jadon napping after a long DISNEY!

The Night Before

My mom and Kurt's mom (Oma and Grandma) helping tag items.

1:30 am before the garage sale...hoping to get the garage door to shut!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival---Late Post

I decided to take the kids to the "Oriental Grocery" that is near our church to see if we could find any yummy goodies for our little Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. The closest thing the owner could find for me looked like Perogies and filled with red beans. Not quite what I had in mind for a special treat after dinner. We opted for the Choco-Pies and then ran to Cracker Barrel to buy some good ole southern Moon Pies.
We were spending the evening cleaning out the garage to prepare for our garage sale fundraiser. The weather was pretty nice, so we ate dinner in lawn chairs out in the drive way and then finished up with the Choco-Pies and Moon Pies. Sydney sat in a lawn chair with her lantern watching Jadon hit golf balls.
Kurt now believes he knows why you eat Moon Pies with an RC Cola!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Today was our garage sale fundraiser. My mother-in-law was here from Michigan, as well as my mom. We worked until 1:30 this morning preparing and were up by 6:30! Kurt and I drove and put the signs up, moved all of the furniture out to the driveway and then moved the tables out of the garage onto the driveway! Customers began arriving at 7:30 for our 8:00 start time:)

Kurt and I are NOT the garage sale kind of people. Kurt and I love to just put everything on the curb and peek out the window and watch people find new treasures in our "trash". My mom, my sister-in-law, a family from our church all donated items to sell, as well as our own things. We are so GREATFUL for their donations! God was right in the middle of it all! I can't begin to explain how many people lined the cul-de-sac and down the street CONTINUOSLY from 7:30am-12:00. Twice I stopped myself in the middle of it all and felt God's presence. Only HE could bring this many people to our small neighborhood!

Are you just dying to know how much we raised to bring our sweet, precious Jackson home????Well....Sydney and Jadon sold chocolate chip cookies and lemonade for a total of $42 and change and our GRAND TOTAL for the day was $1,113.91!!!!!!!! Can you believe it???? OUR GOD IS AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!!!

We did take pictures and will post later. We are off to Disney for the rest of the weekend.

Today is day 54 of waiting for LOA. We are ready! (well...almost!) We are hopeful to hear something within the next 2 weeks!

Thank you for all of your prayers! There is almost 1 less orphan in the world!!!


Monday, September 21, 2009

He's REAL!!

Kurt and I have been checking the computer NON-STOP for a couple of weeks, hoping to receive pictures of Jackson with his birthday cake! 5 pictures arrived today of a very HAPPY boy and 1 BIG, BIG birthday cake! My favorite picture is of Jackson sitting at the table with the cake in front of him and he is leaning on his elbows on the table (sorry Christi, he'll fit right in here at the Swartzlander household!) with his yellow birthday crown on. The expression on his face says, "This party is for ME! It is finally my turn for a mommy and daddy to send me a birthday cake!" After looking at the pictures, Jackson became more REAL to me! Although our journey has not been as long as most who travel this long, long adoption road, the feelings must be the same. To see his response to something that we, his mommy and daddy, sent to him!

I know you must be wondering why we aren't posting the pictures, but Kurt and I have agreed to follow our agency's instructions to wait until he is legally ours in China. After we have signed our papers in China, which I believe is the day after we get him, we will be posting pictures...from the first one that captured our hearts to the moment he was in our arms! I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

He is as REAL as CHRIST is in our lives! Our LOVE for Jackson is as REAL as it is for CHRIST!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


We received a picture today from Ann at Red Thread China of our care package to Jackson. He should be receiving it sometime next week, along with his birthday cake. Hopefully we will receive pictures back of him enjoying the cake rather than getting the camera back when we travel to China. We are told that it just depends on the orphanage.
We will not be able to post any pictures of Jackson until we have LOA, although I know most people post them as soon as they have them. Kurt and I really just want to do what our agency has asked of us. Words can not describe what it feels like to have pictures of him and not to be able to share them with our family and friends afar! He is beautiful! My husband would correct me and say that he is "handsome", just as he corrected me in the delivery room the moment I saw Jadon, once someone finally gave me my glasses back! My arms ache to hold him and rock him and to snuggle up with him. He has the most adorable cheeks!!!! Bright eyes and a sweet smile!
We are now Day 24 in our wait for LOA and we are resting in God's perfect plan!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LID!! LID!!! LID!!! LID!!! LID!!!

We just got the call that we have a Log In Date of August 17th!!!!! Kurt and Jadon are at their second night of Karate, my sister-in-law Angela isn't home, my sister-in-law Christi isn't home and my parents aren't home and working on calling my in-laws! Where are you, people????? We've got a LID!!!!

Our countdown has officially begun. We are 16 days into our wait for LOA. We have been told previously to expect a 3 month wait. Although I get pulled in different directions, hoping that it comes sooner and knowing that it could be longer...I still rest in God's timing and find peace with this journey to our son.

We are able to send a care package to Jackson. We have also been collecting things to send to him. So far we have a Fisher Price camera that shows pictures of animals when you look through it and click to take a picture (it reminds me of a view master without the cards to put in), Sydney's and Jadon's favorite board book..."Goodnight Gorilla", 2 sign language board books, a disposable camera and a Sassy child's photo album that will have pictures of us. I will also be making a "night-night" blanket that is blue with monkey heads on it. I plan on spraying it with my perfume so that it can become a familiar smell to him. I also plan to put candies for his foster family. Can anyone think of anything else?

Thank you for your prayers and your support.

So glad I didn't have to make this a "Wordless Wednesday" !

Praising our Savior!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

No News

There is still no news on our LID. So we wait patiently on God's timing in our lives.

We have just finished our first week back to school. I have been blessed with a wonderful class this year and Sydney and Jadon are loving 3rd grade and Kdg.

Please be in prayer for a friend of ours who's 3 year old little girl, Jael, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. She has had the surgery to remove the tumor and has begun chemotherapy. She is currently waiting to have a surgery that involves her stem cells but she has double ear infections and her blood count was not in the correct range. Please pray for strength for her parents Barb and Erik. Jael also has a little sister named Heidi. Please pray for little Heidi as she adjusts.

Blessings, Stacy

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweet Prince!

Today is Jackson's 2nd birthday! We had hoped to have a LID so that we could send him a birthday care package to arrive on his birthday. As soon as we have LID we will send a belated birthday cake in China as well as gifts. We are hoping to be able to get pictures of him enjoying it as well.
I woke up this morning with a heart rejoicing and thankful for a mom in a distant land that chose life! She chose to give this baby life regardless of the outcome. I rejoiced that through whatever circumstance she was faced with, she continued to choose life for him, abandoning him, in hopes that he would be placed in an orphanage to be adopted. She chose a life of abundance! A life that will soon, one day, be abundant with the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ! A life abundant with the unconditional love of a mother and father! The love of a sister and a brother. The love of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins! I prayed for the heavy heart Jackson's birthmom must have as this day comes around each year. I prayed that she would have peace. I prayed that one day when Jackson is an adult, that he would one day be reunited with the woman who chose life for him!
Happy birthday to our beautiful, sweet, sweet son!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


We are officially DTC (Dossier To China)!!!!!! I can't BELIEVE it!!!! We were not expecting the email this evening! We were at the Honda dealership in town dropping off my beautiful red CRV (which I truly love) to have the airbag sensors replaced and then walked around the lot to look at bigger vehicles...the Odyssey. Not many cars are on lots nowadays and we know that we are going to have to do something before we leave for China. We were driving home and Kurt's Blackberry was buzzing...not unusual when working for the City...and he hands the phone to me. It is a gmail message from our Case Manager telling us that we are DTC TODAY!!!! I sat stunned! And then I read it aloud to Kurt! Jadon chimes in from the backseat, "Finally!" I believe he also added that he had waited a long time for this! The email said that it would be a couple of weeks before they knew our LID (Log In Date). It is from the LID that we officially start our count down to LOA (Letter of Approval) also called LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation). Please pray that God will start preparing Jackson's heart for the transitions to come! We are so ready to hold him in our arms and kiss on his sweet chubby cheeks!!!!
God put this scripture on my heart yesterday and wanted to share it with you all.
"But these things I plan won't happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If is seems slow, be patient! For it will surely take place. It will not be late by a single day." Habakkuk 2:3
From the moment Kurt and I met, our relationship with the Lord and with each other has been centered around God's perfect timing and His perfect plan!!! And the hope that comes from trusting in God's plan for our lives!!!!!
In Christ,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We received an email today from our Case Manager that our final document for our dossier has arrived!!! I'm not sure if there are only two families in this batch of dossiers, but I know that it is the first one completed. God has enable us to meet up through our blog with the "other" family that is in our batch. We're praying that their documents will be ready to go in hopes that maybe we might travel together, so to speak. At any rate, we were told that even if the other families' papers were not ready, ours would not be held longer than 2 weeks from today. Please pray that the other families, whether one or more, will have quick transit with their paperwork so that they can all go together! Alot of times, paperwork is out of the parents hands and waiting on other people to do their job currectly and in a timely manner. The "other" family, The Hurleys, had 7 of their dossier documents lost by the state that they live in...totally out of their control!!! I can't begin to imagine how frustrating that must have been. Please pray for these families who are so desperate, as we are, to bring our children home!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Fun

Jadon loves playing with the bendaroos
Grace loves Oma's "Go Sarah Go" visor.


Sydney, Paige and Alivia

Back Row: Michael, Alex, Adriana, Jadon, Grace
Front Row: Parker, Sydney, Paige, Alivia

My niece and nephew from Wyoming arrived this weekend and we have truly enjoyed our time together. The younger kids have enjoyed having their older cousins in the pool...they've learned about chicken fights, which we had to explain to Jadon that it didn't mean it was like a boxing match. We've taken many pictures and once my mom sends them to me, I'll be able to post more of our precious family.

My nephew Michael is 19 and my niece Adriana will be turning 18 next week. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for Adriana to be born. We got a kick out of our nieces Adriana, Alex, Paige, Alivia (home from China since 11/07) and Grace (home from Vietnam since 2/09) singing Taylor Swift. Too funny!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures of our ever growing family! Thanks Opa for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs out in the thunder/lightning storm! It was yummy!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Ok, I'm still trying to figure out how to post a video from YouTube so that you actually see the video on my blog. But, until then, I think you just have to click on the link. This is a wonderful video from LOVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. We pray that your hearts will be touched.

YouTube - Adopting the Waiting Child

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost There!!!

Whew! The drive to Tallahassee was longer today...must have been from our late night game of Scrabble Slam! This morning, Sydney, Jadon and I drove to Tally to have our I800A certified by the Secretary of State. We then drove to Publix and got a money order and then searched for a Fed Ex box...many UPS boxes on the side of the road. Thankfully I remember most of the major roads and can manuver my way through the one way streets even though it's been 20 years since my days at FSU! We did even better than a FedEx box...the FedEx Kinkos is now a FedEx store and we delivered it right to the computer to be processed and on the truck tonight. Our final dossier document will arrive at the Chinese Consulate in Houston tomorrow morning, will be authenticated and then will be sent directly to WACAP. Our case manager at WACAP said that there is another family that is expected to have their final document to them the middle of next week like us. If no one else is expected to be dossier ready by the middle of next week or so, then the 2 family's dossiers will be sent as a batch to China. We could possible be DTC by the end of next week or the 1st of August...I'm praying for next week!

I will be spending the next few weeks working on my last Gifted endorsement class for my teaching certificate. I was able to extend my class due to all of our adoption paperwork, so I am greatful!

Now we will be starting grant applications and preparing for our garage sale. We haven't decided on a date yet. I must say that I truly dislike having a garage sale...I would much rather put my things at the end of the driveway at the curb and watch people come by and be blessed, but I know this is to bring our sweet, precious Jackson home.

We are trying to decide on whether to send a care package to Jackson ourselves or use Ann at Red Thread China. Any thoughts or experiences with either? I would love to hear from you about your experiences...pros/cons, etc. I can't remember if Ann at Red Thread does this, but I know of another place that can actually deliver a birthday cake. With Jackson being in Foster Care I am not sure how it all works. If we send an outfit, what are the chances that he will actually get to wear it?

Time to get dinner warmed up...nothing better than leftover meatloaf! Yummy!

In Christ,

Saturday, July 18, 2009


We returned from the beach this afternoon to find our I800-A approval in the mail! That means we are one step closer!!! I can't believe it! I had read about some people receiving their approvals last week that were fingerprinted around the same time as us but in different states, so I have been prepping myself for at least a 2-4 week wait! Can you believe it...1 week!! God is GOOD....ALL THE TIME!!! Monday we will photocopy and notarize it. I will probably drive back to Tallahassee on Tuesday and then search for a FedEx box in Tallahassee to mail it to Houston to be authenticated!!! Houston's turn around time has been quick and hopefully nothing will be spilled on our documents like last time! Our agency said that they have seen worse!! We are hoping that it will be 4 weeks at the max that we will be officially DTC!! Keep hanging on, Jackson!!! Your Mama and Baba are coming!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mission Minded

Since we have answered the call to adoption, we have been talking so much with our children about orphans, and other people that do not have what we have...mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, grandparents, toys, blankets, pj's, favorite stuffed animal to sleep with, food, a church to go to, etc. Somehow today, I stumbled upon this website of a young girl that was adopted who has been obedient to God's calling on her life to help the orphans! Her story and her life is beautiful and all of a part of God's plan from the moment of her conception!!!!! I can't wait until Sydney and Jadon come home tonight to share her story with them. I have truly felt from the very beginning of our journey to Jackson that God is calling our family to more...just haven't known what it all will consist of and how far it will take us. But I know that it will be a lifelong journey! I pray that Josie-Tatum will be an inspiration to you and that you will open up your hearts to God's voice and His calling on your life!

In Christ,

Monday, July 13, 2009


Saturday we went to Orlando for our fingerprints. We were blessed that our request to have them rescheduled from July 3rd to July 11th was accepted. I'm not sure how long it is taking to receive the I800-A approval, but once we have it, it will be the final document to be certified by SOS and authenticated in Houston. We are really hoping to be logged in before mid August so that we can send a care package to Jackson for his 2nd birthday.

We enjoyed our time on vacation. Jadon caught a 21" Northern Pike but had to throw it back because it had to be 24". Sydney LOVED the American Girl store in Chicago!! On the drive back, we were fortunate to see the King Tut exhibit at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis.

Sydney and I have started our cooking project of planning and preparing meals ahead to freeze. I am hoping that this will become a regular part of our lives...I know that it will be helpful and I pray that it will be a skill that Sydney acquires and becomes a part of her life.

We'll keep you posted when anything new happens!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Everything But The Kitchen Sink....

Our life is layed out in front of us! These are our dossier documents ready to be sent to our agency. We are still waiting on rescheduling our fingerprint appointments. Once we have our I800 approval, it will be photocopied, notarized, certified and then authenticated. Then it will be FedExed to our agency and then we wait to be DTC!!!