Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We received an email today from our Case Manager that our final document for our dossier has arrived!!! I'm not sure if there are only two families in this batch of dossiers, but I know that it is the first one completed. God has enable us to meet up through our blog with the "other" family that is in our batch. We're praying that their documents will be ready to go in hopes that maybe we might travel together, so to speak. At any rate, we were told that even if the other families' papers were not ready, ours would not be held longer than 2 weeks from today. Please pray that the other families, whether one or more, will have quick transit with their paperwork so that they can all go together! Alot of times, paperwork is out of the parents hands and waiting on other people to do their job currectly and in a timely manner. The "other" family, The Hurleys, had 7 of their dossier documents lost by the state that they live in...totally out of their control!!! I can't begin to imagine how frustrating that must have been. Please pray for these families who are so desperate, as we are, to bring our children home!!!

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