Saturday, July 18, 2009


We returned from the beach this afternoon to find our I800-A approval in the mail! That means we are one step closer!!! I can't believe it! I had read about some people receiving their approvals last week that were fingerprinted around the same time as us but in different states, so I have been prepping myself for at least a 2-4 week wait! Can you believe it...1 week!! God is GOOD....ALL THE TIME!!! Monday we will photocopy and notarize it. I will probably drive back to Tallahassee on Tuesday and then search for a FedEx box in Tallahassee to mail it to Houston to be authenticated!!! Houston's turn around time has been quick and hopefully nothing will be spilled on our documents like last time! Our agency said that they have seen worse!! We are hoping that it will be 4 weeks at the max that we will be officially DTC!! Keep hanging on, Jackson!!! Your Mama and Baba are coming!!!

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