Monday, November 30, 2009

Care Package and more.....

Today we mailed Jackson's care package. We included 2 sign language board books, Good Night Gorilla board book (the kids' favorite), Crayola triangular crayons and a drawing pad, a Fisher Price camera that works much like a view master, although you don't put in any discs. We also included a little notebook for the foster family to write down special memories or events in Jackson's life since he has been living with them, a wooden Thomas the Train, a chunky Tonka truck, Werther's Original candies for his foster family, a disposable camera, a letter translated into Chinese, his very own "Night, Night" blanket and a Sassy photo album with our pictures in it. The pictures are also labeled in Chinese so that his foster family can try to communicate to him, using the sign language books, who we are. I did not include anything that could not be replaced, just in case he never gets the gifts. Often times, you will send a package and they only come back with the photo album and maybe a toy that you sent.

We also received our notice from USCIS that they have received our I800 application. We are hoping to have that approval in a week or so.

We purchased the Baby Signing Time DVDs to begin working on our sign language more. We will put these on our laptop to have for Jackson when we travel.

If you have been following the "Weather In Datong" widget that is off to the right of my blog, then you have noticed that it is already very cold in Datong. This morning I awoke with a heavy heart and felt God's Holy Spirit nudge me to pray for Jackson. Specifically to pray that he would be kept warm. I have enjoyed our little 2 day cold front that we had for Thanksgiving, but so often I take for granted how cold it gets in other places. Being a Florida girl, I have only experienced "cold" in Wyoming and Colorado in December, but not for an extended amount of time. Please pray for all of the orphans who are already in the beginning of their winter right now! I do not know what Jackson's living conditions are. But what I do know is that the temperatures in Datong (January/February) can get to 25 below zero. Please pray that when Jackson goes to bed tonight, that he has a full belly and warm blanket! Please pray for God to prepare his heart. Please pray that God will fill his mind with memories of his foster family and that one day he will be able to recall those memories of his life in China. Please pray for his foster mom, the only "Mama" that he has known. Pray that God prepares her heart for Jackson to leave.


Chinamama4 said...

Who did you use to send your care package? I just got the "official" OK to send one to David and am beginning to collect items. Sure hope he gets his Chicago Bears sweatshirt!
I will keep Jackson in constant prayer. I know how your Mama's heart worries for him!

Stacy said...

We used Ann at Red Threads China to send his birthday cake. Yesterday we mailed our own package using the address at Blessed Kids. It was probably less expensive to use Ann at Red Threads. Thank you for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

SSSSOOOOOOO exciting!!!! Praying for Jackson, always. Praying for the only family that he has ever known. and thanking God that he has known love. Praying for his forever family and all their blessings that are to come. Love to you, Angela