Sunday, September 19, 2010

operation i.d.

We decided that since Jackson is unable to give any identifying information about himself that we would look into purchasing an i.d. bracelet for him. We searched the internet high and low, emailed bloggy friends who are friends of Kurt's cousin in Michigan (Hi Rachel!) and then received emailed pictures from our friends in Jacksonville, whose daughter wears an id bracelet due to allergies. 

We finally decided on a bracelet for our little man.  And now this mama feels much better as he rides the big yellow bus away from my school each morning 10 minutes down the road!  He wears it at all times and does very well with it on.  He now likes to hear it jingle on the car window, his car seat arm rest, across the dining room table, down our footboard to our king size get the picture!

The information was simple:  on the front with the Medic Alert we have his first name and last name and then the words Hearing Impaired with the word "over" on the next line.  It flips over easily and has his birthdate, No Known Allergies (since at this time we don't know of any but since he is adopted, there could be something), our cell phone numbers and our first names.  It's stainless steel and wasn't too costly.  But the best part...

We feel much better knowing that someone could contact us if our little man was separated from any of us or from someone at school.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

7 months

7 months ago on February 2nd we finalized adoption papers in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, Peoples Rebublic of China.  Fast forward to September 2nd, we had our court hearing to "readopt" or "refinalize" what was done in China, here in America.  Although Jackson became a Swartzlander in every sense of the word 7 months ago, we decided to go through this very simple process here in the US so that we would be able to get Jackson an American birth certificate (which I believe is a Certificate of Foreign Birth) and then we will be able to apply for an American Passport!

Our attorney was wonderful.  He and his wife have 2 adopted girls from China.  He provides his services free of charge to families that have adopted from China to refinalize everything.  We only had to pay the court fees!  What a blessing for our family!  In all of the years that he has been doing this, Jackson was THE VERY FIRST BOY that he has represented!
Jackson and his "out of the blue" goofy grin! with our attorney, Mr. Pappas
Our family with Judge Piggotte
Outside the courthouse
Jackson and Kurt