Monday, November 30, 2009

We Said "YES!" Again!

When we received our first LOA, our last name had been mispelled! We were quite concerned because we didn't know how much of a delay this could cause. Our agency has been wonderful and assured us that everything would be fixed quickly. We sent our I800 application which is our application to classify Jackson as an immediate relative. Our case manager contacted CCAA to request a corrected LOA and we received it the night before Thanksgiving. It was in the Fed Ex box Friday morning and at our agency this morning. We are so relieved that this is completed and on it's way to China! It will meet up with our I800 approval (which we are still waiting for) that gets cabled. Then the process continues to our TA. A few blogs that I have read have a wonderful explanation of the process from this point on. I will dedicate a separate post to that soon.


Chinamama4 said...

What wonderful pictures! It feels so good to be doing something, anything, in this process!

Joanne said...

Stacy, you look like such a nice couple!! I can't wait to hear that you have TA!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.