Monday, July 27, 2009

Family Fun

Jadon loves playing with the bendaroos
Grace loves Oma's "Go Sarah Go" visor.


Sydney, Paige and Alivia

Back Row: Michael, Alex, Adriana, Jadon, Grace
Front Row: Parker, Sydney, Paige, Alivia

My niece and nephew from Wyoming arrived this weekend and we have truly enjoyed our time together. The younger kids have enjoyed having their older cousins in the pool...they've learned about chicken fights, which we had to explain to Jadon that it didn't mean it was like a boxing match. We've taken many pictures and once my mom sends them to me, I'll be able to post more of our precious family.

My nephew Michael is 19 and my niece Adriana will be turning 18 next week. It seems like just yesterday we were waiting for Adriana to be born. We got a kick out of our nieces Adriana, Alex, Paige, Alivia (home from China since 11/07) and Grace (home from Vietnam since 2/09) singing Taylor Swift. Too funny!

We hope you enjoyed the pictures of our ever growing family! Thanks Opa for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs out in the thunder/lightning storm! It was yummy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see Jackson's little face in the mix! He will fit right in! I love watching the older kids with our two newest additions! They are so gentle and loving, patient and helpful. They really pour out their love onto them, it is a beautiful thing. Love you, Aunt Angela