Thursday, September 10, 2009


We received a picture today from Ann at Red Thread China of our care package to Jackson. He should be receiving it sometime next week, along with his birthday cake. Hopefully we will receive pictures back of him enjoying the cake rather than getting the camera back when we travel to China. We are told that it just depends on the orphanage.
We will not be able to post any pictures of Jackson until we have LOA, although I know most people post them as soon as they have them. Kurt and I really just want to do what our agency has asked of us. Words can not describe what it feels like to have pictures of him and not to be able to share them with our family and friends afar! He is beautiful! My husband would correct me and say that he is "handsome", just as he corrected me in the delivery room the moment I saw Jadon, once someone finally gave me my glasses back! My arms ache to hold him and rock him and to snuggle up with him. He has the most adorable cheeks!!!! Bright eyes and a sweet smile!
We are now Day 24 in our wait for LOA and we are resting in God's perfect plan!

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