Friday, October 23, 2009

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival---Late Post

I decided to take the kids to the "Oriental Grocery" that is near our church to see if we could find any yummy goodies for our little Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. The closest thing the owner could find for me looked like Perogies and filled with red beans. Not quite what I had in mind for a special treat after dinner. We opted for the Choco-Pies and then ran to Cracker Barrel to buy some good ole southern Moon Pies.
We were spending the evening cleaning out the garage to prepare for our garage sale fundraiser. The weather was pretty nice, so we ate dinner in lawn chairs out in the drive way and then finished up with the Choco-Pies and Moon Pies. Sydney sat in a lawn chair with her lantern watching Jadon hit golf balls.
Kurt now believes he knows why you eat Moon Pies with an RC Cola!

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