Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost There!!!

Whew! The drive to Tallahassee was longer today...must have been from our late night game of Scrabble Slam! This morning, Sydney, Jadon and I drove to Tally to have our I800A certified by the Secretary of State. We then drove to Publix and got a money order and then searched for a Fed Ex box...many UPS boxes on the side of the road. Thankfully I remember most of the major roads and can manuver my way through the one way streets even though it's been 20 years since my days at FSU! We did even better than a FedEx box...the FedEx Kinkos is now a FedEx store and we delivered it right to the computer to be processed and on the truck tonight. Our final dossier document will arrive at the Chinese Consulate in Houston tomorrow morning, will be authenticated and then will be sent directly to WACAP. Our case manager at WACAP said that there is another family that is expected to have their final document to them the middle of next week like us. If no one else is expected to be dossier ready by the middle of next week or so, then the 2 family's dossiers will be sent as a batch to China. We could possible be DTC by the end of next week or the 1st of August...I'm praying for next week!

I will be spending the next few weeks working on my last Gifted endorsement class for my teaching certificate. I was able to extend my class due to all of our adoption paperwork, so I am greatful!

Now we will be starting grant applications and preparing for our garage sale. We haven't decided on a date yet. I must say that I truly dislike having a garage sale...I would much rather put my things at the end of the driveway at the curb and watch people come by and be blessed, but I know this is to bring our sweet, precious Jackson home.

We are trying to decide on whether to send a care package to Jackson ourselves or use Ann at Red Thread China. Any thoughts or experiences with either? I would love to hear from you about your experiences...pros/cons, etc. I can't remember if Ann at Red Thread does this, but I know of another place that can actually deliver a birthday cake. With Jackson being in Foster Care I am not sure how it all works. If we send an outfit, what are the chances that he will actually get to wear it?

Time to get dinner warmed up...nothing better than leftover meatloaf! Yummy!

In Christ,

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David and Janet Hurley said...

Sorry I just found the message you left me----we are the "other" family waiting to be DTC!! Cute kids at the beach!-I'm assuming from that, Jackson is kiddo #3, 1st adoption? I would love to talk to you, we're bound to travel together wouldn't ya think? We're in B'ham, no tooo far from you, our big kids plan to go to Pensacola Christian in Jan. e-mail me! freakycleanmom@yahoo.com Janet