Thursday, August 26, 2010

a little someone turned 3

Sunday was Jackson's 3rd birthday!

He had a blast!

More details on our family blog, but here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Bilateral Bahas

On Friday, we received a phone call from our insurance company that they had APPROVED Jackson for the BILATERAL Bahas!!!!!!  We just couldn't believe it!  As things usually go, we will be thrilled on the day that we are walking out of the audiologist office with them on!  We will probably be RUNNING hoping that our insurance company isn't waiting for us to tell us they changed their minds!

I have spent this past week calling back and forth between Shands and FL Health Care Plans trying to get FHC to send the paperwork to the correct fax.  It finally arrived today at Shands but UNFORTUNATELY the audiologist is on vacation until Sept. 8th and nothing can happen until she comes back.

But...on the bright side, our little man is getting what he needs and soon!