Monday, February 8, 2010

TB Test

> Today we went back to Shamian Island
> to the Medical Exam office to have Jackson's TB test read.
> We have been worried about it because it was getting
> bigger.  When we woke up this morning it was smaller, so we
> continued to pray that he would pass.  If he didn't, then
> he would have to have a chest xray. 
> When it was being read, they had to mark it with a pen so
> that they could measure it from point to point.  Praise the
> Lord!!!  He passed!!  It was right at 10mm the limit!!!!
> I can't remember if I posted this but Jackson had to have 4
> vaccinations.  The day after the vaccinations he was
> running a fever of 101.4 and not feeling well.  He was a
> trooper as we traveled to a tomb of a dead emperor that was not stroller
> friendly.  It was also raining ALL day!
> After the TB test was read, we boarded the bus to go to Yue
> Xiu Park to see the "5 Rams Statue".  This is the symbol of
> GZ.  I will have to post at another time it's
> significance.
> We then went to the Pearl Market, only to find that it was
> closed already for Chinese New Year.  Our guide made some
> phone calls and then took us to another store that sold
> quality pearls.  We were able to purchase pearls for
> Jackson to give to his bride and a strand of black pearls
> for myself and another special little girl in our life!  I
> don't think they were as inexpensive as they would have been
> in the other market, but we really wanted to get them.
> We may do a few picture only posts because we have so many
> photos that we want to share.
> We do want any other families that are following our blog
> and are coming to GZ soon to know to bring short sleeve
> shirts and a lightweight jacket or sweat shirt. 
> Nothing is worse than being too hot!


Oma said...

Great to see you all are smiling - life is good. Jackson seemed to be a little slippery in the picture of you and him. Maybe he was born in the year of the greased pig! Love to see the spunk in him. He will be a mighty man of God when he grows up. Right now he is a mighty wiggly warrior! Keep the prayer walking up for his family and his country. Love you, Mom and Dad

Tracy said...

Praise God the TB test came back fine!!! I kept little Jackson in my prayers over the weekend that the test would come back fine. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. I love it!


Anonymous said...

So glad that Jackson's TB test results were good!
Jadon stopped me at lunch today to tell me that Jackson spit his milk on the florr. I'm sure there's more to that story, but Jadon enjoyed telling me the most important part!
Enjoy the rest of your time in China. Can't wait to see all 5 of you together.