Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Garden Hotel

We are in heaven!!!! This is probably the most spectacular hotel we have ever stayed in! We have a suite with soo much room!

We arrived here on Friday, Feb. 5th at 4:00pm The surrounding area is awesome! It seems to be very Americanized and feels safe! We even have a Starbucks!

Jackson had his first McDonald's experience and seemed to love the chicken nuggets except for the batter it is fried in. After dinner and a stop at the 7-11 next door to buy bottled water, we headed back to the hotel to bathe Jackson and get him to bed.

Jackson still doesn't like taking a bath very much, so I actually got in the bathtub with him and the toys and he did ok, until it was time to wash his HEADFUL of hair! I forgot how slippery babies are in the tub when you are in there with them! It would NOT have been a Kodak moment!

The outside of the hotel is decorated for Chinese New Year so we will probably head out there to take pictures of the decorations with Jackson in them.

We do wish that this hotel was on Shamain Island where all of the shops are. I was hoping to avoid anymore Taxi rides while here in China!

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