Monday, February 8, 2010

Gotcha Day and 1 Week Later

We wanted to show you how much Jackson has adjusted in just one week's time.

He is a sweetheart!

He is funny!

He is obstinate!

He is loving!

He is a tease!

He is a great eater!


He is smart!

He is handsome!

He is LOVED!!!!

He is OURS!!!!

I don't know what order the pictures were posted, but you will be able to tell the difference between the first time we held him on Feb. 1st (Gotcha Day) and yesterday Feb. 8th!

We just got word that we passed our Consulate Appointment!!  Another BIG milestone!  Jackson will be issued his Visa.  Tomorrow we have our Oath Ceremony at the US Consulate!!!!

Our little boy is COMING HOME!!!!!!!!

We are so thankful that we were obedient to God's calling on our lives! No journey is easy, but it is always worth it!!  So many people have commented on how blessed and fortunate Jackson is to have us adopt him.  And as much as that may be true, it cannot measure the blessings that he has given our lives and our family!  We are anxious to get him home to Sydney and Jadon so that our family will be together as one!

The Robitussin has arrived!!!  Thanking Jesus for our wonderful guides here in GZ that have helped us every step of the way!!

Both our guides, Jennifer and Sarah, told us yesterday how much Jackson looked like Kurt.  They even said "He is definitely YOUR child!!!!"  Isn't God good?????  ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

Be blessed!


Joanne said...

Can't wait to catch up with you when you get back!!
He's beautiful :o)

Oma said...

What a difference a week can make! He has a look of love, safety, comfort, and wonderment in his face. I see that in mom and dad's face also. Can't wait until you get home. We will be waiting. XOXOXOX
Love, Mom and Dad