Saturday, February 6, 2010

Passport and Flying to Guangzhou

We had to have our bags packed and ready for the BellBoy to pick up at 9:00am, with hopes of leaving to the airport at 9:30am. 

As of 9:15am, Sarah, our awesome guide was still at the office trying to get Jackson's passport issued!  Fortunately, she had a friend, who had a friend, must have been God, and Jackson's passport was issued. 

We left for the airport by 10:15am.  Thankfully our flight had been delayed by 30 minutes because the Hoaglands were having issues getting through security.  Apparently one of their checked luggage had been flagged because it contained a small can of hairspray. 

We made it in time for our flight.  Jackson did wonderfully.  He did have a couple of tantrums on the plane but they centered around food.  He didn't like being buckled into the seat and had soon figured out how to unbuckle.   This was the first time that he has tried to bite me

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