Thursday, February 11, 2010

Last Post from Guangzhou

Today was a beautiful day as we walked around the Flower Market. The Flower Market only happens 5 days a year here in China. We were able to briefly watch the opening ceremony. We walked around and looked at all of the beautiful flowers for sale.

We were also stalked by the papaparazzi the entire time. Many of the other families in our group were taking pictures of them taking pictures of us.

We are packing to fly out to Beijing tonight. Please keep us in your prayers.

We hope to post one more time from Beijing before we fly out! If we can't, we want to thank all of you for following our journey and for your prayers!

See you all stateside!!!

All our love,
Kurt, Stacy and Jackson!!!

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Valerie said...

Good morning, looking forward to seeing you all soon. Our prayers are continually with you. May you have safe travels back home. See you soon. Thank you for keeping us updated with such beautiful pictures and stories. God bless you.