Monday, April 26, 2010

Back In Action

Jackson's BCHA returned from Oticon this afternoon and we were able to drive and pick it up before the office closed.  Apparently the amplifier inside the hearing aid itself stopped working.

We ordered a new cord to keep as a spare because, typically, that is the first to break, if anything.  That arrived, too, and Oticon threw that in for free!

When Jadon was telling Jackson that we were going to get his hearing aid, Jadon signed "hearing aid" and Jackson got THE BIGGEST smile on his face!  He tried really hard to get the box out of my hands when we were leaving the office.

Once we were home, I attached the aid to one of the new soft headbands I had purchased online.  The first one that I tried was purchased at Me and My Bow . It took a few times to train Jackson again not to take it off.  I really like the fabric of the headband, it is a softer cotton material, much like the Goody headbands that I buy for Sydney.  The only problem was that the width of it was not quite deep enough to hold the hearing aid portion of the BCHA.  It seemed to be really soft on Jackson's head and THAT I like!  Before Kurt came home, I switched it to another band that I had purchased from Huggie Aids.  This one is made from a suede material and is even thinner.  It is designed similar to the BAHA softband.  I really liked this one.  Although our favorite has been the Adidas Sweatband that was adapted by a sweet family I met on our Microtia/Atresia Yahoo Group that was so kind to send us 2 of her son's extras!!!  Thanks, Dianne!!!!!!!  We'll see how Jackson does with the Huggie Aid headband tomorrow.

We jumped right back into the routine of Jackson wearing the aid until he was put to bed.  When I took it off to put his PJs on he was not too happy with me.  After PJs were on, I began to put it on him and he leaned forward to let me do it!  He said his "GoodNights" to everyone and gave them kisses and we headed off to his bedroom to rock in the rocking chair.  Usually I would have taken it off at this point because the old style of head band would hurt him to lay back in it, but I left it on.  I turned his "Night-Night" music on and began to rock him!  He did not move a muscle!  He has never really fallen asleep when we rocked him, but I think he was almost there!  I tried to sit up to take the aid off and he grabbed my arm to let me know not to move ANYWHERE!  I rocked a bit more and decided I had to because my arm was falling asleep!  He started to get upset and cry that I had taken it off and was trying to reach for it on the side table.  I rocked him a little bit more to calm him down and then he pointed to the crib!


I am sad for Jackson and all that he has missed for almost 3 years!  But so thankful that God stirred our hearts to adopt and took us on this Journey to Jackson!
headband from Me and My Bows

Not-so-great attempt at a group picture

softband from Huggie Aids


Dianne said...

Glad to see he has his bcha back. Hopefully no more problems with it. Best wishes! ~Dianne

Julie Hoagland said...

YIPPEE! So glad he has it back. Hearing is a wonderful gift we often take for granted....such a beautiful reminder! :)