Friday, May 7, 2010


Sorry that we have been Missing In Action.  Between school, work, strep throat, Jackson's appointments, soccer, dance, homework and our 95 degree weather, I have been finding it hard to post.

Jackson had his Early Steps evaluation a week ago.  He obviously qualified for Speech/Language services and also Hearing Impaired services.  His results from what was evaluated is technically invalid due to the fact that he has a hearing impairment and has no language, whether it is Chinese or English. was a step in the right direction.  We are assuming that after more evaluations for the school district, that he will possibly only qualify for the 1/2 day Language Impaired Program.  We have contacted the preschool where Sydney and Jadon went and they will have room for him in their part-time program if it turns out that way.

This Tuesday, Jackson will have his first speech therapy session at home with the Speech/Language Pathologist.  It will be interesting to see how this all works out.  I will have to have Sydney to dance by 5:30 and then be back home by 5:45 for Jackson's therapy.  Jadon is starting up 3v3 soccer again and practices will also be on Tuesdays at...5:30  We'll get it all worked out though.

Diane, our Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf, will be servicing Jackson for his hearing impairment.  She will be focusing on Auditory Training.  I am very excited about this.  She will be using the S.P.I.C.E. kit. About 10 1/2 years ago, she and I and 2 other hearing impaired teachers traveled to St. Louis to CID, Central Institute for the Deaf for our training in SPICE.  All of us had been trained in manual communication through our Deaf Ed. progams in college.  It was AMAZING to see what these children were able to do with the hearing that they did have!  It was a wonderful new perspective.

Almost 2 weeks ago, our pediatrician sent in a referral request to our insurance so that we could go back to Shands audiology for a BAHA Evaluation.  Apparently, we were unaware that you had to have this specific eval in order to be able to purchase the BAHA. The audiologist on our health insurance plan does not provide this service.   Unfortunately, our insurance denied this request, but STRONGLY encouraged us to follow our dr.'s recommendations...don't you just love it???  So, we are joining the rest of the ranks in the insurance battle for our child!  The sad part is, I called Shands to inquire about the cost of the eval. if we just came in and didn't file a claim with our insurance, and it really wasn't an outrageous amount of money. I probably pay a quarter of that in my insurance premium in 1 month!!!   It is something that we can afford to do on our own, but it does all add up, especially if we have to purchase the softband BAHA out of pocket.

Jackson has had a difficult week.  We're not quite sure if the Honeymoon period is over or if he has just been grieving lately.  I think part of the problem has been that he has been on antibiotics for quite some time now to try and rid him of chronic sinus infections.  This is his 4th course of antibiotics. (Two 10 day course folled 2 weeks later by another 2 10 days)   If after taking this last dose he gets another sinus infection, our dr. will be requesting an MRI.  I'm not sure how much is related to his microtia/atresia/anotia.  He has been getting angry frequently this week and then just sobbing and wanting to be held.

I love to see his bright eyes and smile when I walk in the door after work!  He just BEAMS when the big kids and I come home!  They chase each other all around the house!  They play ring-around-the-rosey, dance to music, and Jackson loves to play up on Sydney's bed when she's in her room.

I guess that's about all we've been up to lately.

I'll keep you posted on his progress with speech and auditory training!

As Jackson would SAY...."Nigh-Night!!!!"
In Christ,

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