Monday, April 12, 2010

Time for Reinforcements

I mentioned that we will be adapting sweatbands to accomodate Jackson's BCHA so that he doesn't have to wear the metal headband.  But until we get our sample, we've come up with the next best thing.  It actually has worked out quite nicely.  It's only a temporary fix.  We are going to order an extra cord for the hearing aid, so that we don't have to take apart this original headband.  While Jackson had on the BCHA Kurt just tried on the sweatband over part of it.  We think it has done the trick...for the most part!

Jackson is still able to take it off, but not as frequently.  He wore it for almost 2 hours at the soccer field before he ever messed with it. 

I have found a white headband, which is not our color of choice.  And I have found a black headband, which is what we prefer.  Somewhere, here at the house, in a bag, and put in a place where I won't forget where it is, is a really snazzy FSU sweatband that I picked up for him when the big kids and I drove to Tallahassee to the Secretary of State's office.  Maybe soon I'll find it.  Who knows, maybe I'll find some other things while lookin' for it!

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Joanne said...

We just got home on Sunday. Today I showed Dan Dan your pictures of Jackson Kuan (I called him Kuan Kuan) and Dan Dan started smiling and pointing at Jackson's picture and talking in Chinese!! Will email you later :o)