Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 2: Jackson and Mr. Basil

Today was the 2nd day (or rather first full day) of Jackson having his BCHA.  We really didn't expect much today, but when I called home at lunchtime, my mom began to tell me how WONDERFULLY he had been doing with it all morning!  We decided that it would just be an expectation and routine for him that when he woke up, before we would take him out of his crib, his BCHA would go on.  No fusses with it this morning!  As soon as we got home, we were greeted by our sweet little man.  He SO loves to be outside and he was quite taken by Mr. Basil and a pinecone.  Mr. Basil is very special to our family.  He was a beautiful plant that has been around for a couple of years now, but we just can't seem to part with him.  Although he might be replaced with Mrs. Basil that now sits in our kitchen!  Sydney has volunteered to take care of her since Mommy didn't do such a great job with Mr. Basil (who by the way was named by Jadon a few years ago).

Jackson is already starting to show a response to our speech.  Just tonight, we were leaving my parents house and Kurt asked Jackson, "Jackson, are you ready to go home?"  Jackson then looked at my dad and waived bye-bye and started to walk towards the door.  We also began to notice this just a day or two before getting his BCHA...we will say to Jackson, "I Love You!"  and he tries sooo hard to say it back to is definitely 3 words that he's trying to say and it does sound like the first word is a close approximation to "I". 

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