Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Still Working

Well, we have managed to survive our first weekend with Jackson's hearing aid!!!  Such a big accomplishment, if I must say so myself.

He really is doing remarkably well keeping his hearing aid on, but there are times when he's had just about enough of it.  Jackson is so fast!  It is a at our never know where you might find the hearing aid next!

We've found it...


and here...(minus water)

and here!

Otherwise, it's usually on his head!  He has learned how to shake his head "no" to make it fall off!  It falls off when he's rough-housin'...which he LOVES to play rough!  It falls off when he's tryin' to snuggle up to you in bed, or on the couch, or just in your arms when you're holdin' him!  He has even asked for it a couple of times!


Oma said...

So now it is hide and seek? Well, that little stinker! Maybe install a GPS on it and him and save a little time. At least Maggie didn't chew it up and the dishwasher wasn't turned on and if you could find my green contact on green carpet under the pile of dirty clothes in our bathroom, you will have not have a problem finding the hearing aid in the dirty clothes hamper. I am sure everyone was serious and no laughing going on?

elizabeth said...

love this! what a little stinker! i'm sure it will be a part of him soon enough. :)