Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I get choked up when I think about writing this post.  To think that God gave me the desires of my heart.  The chance to celebrate Mother's Day, again, as a NEW mom!  How blessed I am.  How humbled I am when I think about Jackson's birth mom.  And greatful that God had provided a way...to work something so good out of something so bad.  My heart aches for her and for the decision she had to make, no matter what the reason was.  I can only pray that a piece of Jackson remains in her heart.  I pray that God will somehow let her know how loved he is.  How safe he is.  How happy he is.  And I pray that she will know that a part of her will always be carried with us in our hearts!

My children are known for playing practical jokes on me!  There's no mercy, not even on Mother's Day!  I thought we would be able to get out of the house on time for church, but everyone insisted that I open my Mother's Day cards and gifts.  No surprises there...until Jadon asked me if I would smell my flowers!  And there it was!!!!  Hidden so well between the stems!  Beware my sweet little ones!!!!  It will show up when you least expect it!!!!

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Dianne W said...

Hey - the band looks great! Sweet kids. The pictures made me hungry for Lo Mein!