Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Denial Approved-kinda

We received a phone call yesterday and a letter today from our insurance company that they would approve our previously denied request for a "bone conduction hearing aid evaluation"...What?  Not quite what we requested.  We had requested a referral for the Baha evaluation so that we can get Jackson his Baha.  Once Shand's calls to set up the appointment, I will clarify with them that we are needing to make the appointment for the Baha evaluation.  Some families have just had it done as part of the normal procedure when they have the audiological exam done.  I'm not quite sure what the difference is between having his hearing tested unaided and then aided with a bone conduction hearing aid...other than the fact that they would use a Baha instead.  Any families out there with this specific experience know the difference?  We would love to hear from you!  Hopefully we will also be able to get a loaner Soft band Baha during this process.

Today I also had the transition meeting for Jackson.  This meeting is the transition between our Early Intervention (Early Steps) program to the PreK program with our school system.  We are waiting for appointment times for the school system to do their testing to determine the best placement in the fall.  The team really feels that although he is delayed in areas due to being in an orphanage that he will catch up and that his "true" disability is the hearing impairment which would qualify him more for the Language Impaired Program which is part time.  The other part of the day he would be in a prek program with his hearing peers (these peers would actually be younger than him by approximately 6 months because Jackson is not potty trained).  This would probably be best as well due to being behind.

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