Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ready For Tomorrow's ENT Visit

Kurt and I are anxious for tomorrow's ENT appointment for Jackson.  We are hopeful that he will have significant improvement in his hearing with a BAHA because he loves to press the side of his head onto our face and mouths as we are talking or singing to him.  He seems to be recognizing certains words that we say without a sign language cue.
Please join us as we lift Jackson up in prayer to the Lord that he will not have any other associated syndromes or problems.  We know that we will be prepared for anything that happens, but for Jackson's sake, we hope that there won't be anything else involved.
I was finally able to get Jackson's Social Security Number/Card issued on Monday...it only took 2 trips to the SS office.  We needed his Certificate of Citizenship, 2 documents from China that were translated and notarized in China (Birth Certificate and Adoption Decree), his Chinese Passport, and my driver's license...not to mention we had to fill out the SS application.  We were originally told that we only needed his COC, adoption decree and my driver's license.
I have tons of pictures that I want to post to catch up on the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully tomorrow when we come home from Shands we will have more information about Jackson's microtia/atresai/anotia and can post more pictures!

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Chinamama4 said...

Lifting up your sweet boy in prayer - please keep us posted and let us know how his appointment goes!