Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Monday, March 1st, marked the 1 month of Jackson being placed in our arms. During this month we have all come so far! Everyday, when Kurt comes home from work, he remarks about how much Jackson is growing and changing.

We often talk about how "shut down" Jackson was on that cold February day. Little did we know how warm and snuggly our new little boy would be!

Jackson is so much like Jadon, it is amazing. He is ALL boy and doesn't stop moving! Although, he does go down for naps and bedtime fairly easy.

He is beginning to take to Maggie, our 80lb. Chocolate Lab. Everyday he asks, by pointing to Maggie and grunting, to go see her. Last night he even laughed as he was petting her with us.

We have been so graciously blessed by our Little Man! We look forward to our lifetime being filled with his warmth, smiles, kisses, hugs and even taking over our bed! We will have to try and get pictures sometime of how methodical he is in staking his claim in our King size bed!

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad he is doing so well! He has the best smile :)