Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Little Bit of This ~ A Little Bit of That

Here are the kids with our 2010 Census form.  I had actually filled it out a week ago, but just got around to taking a picture of it and the kids!  Ok, trying to figure out the new blogger and uploading pictures.  I guess I will just add them and then type.  Jackson likes to wear Kurt's baseball hats and always put them on sideways.  He is so busy that we're having a difficult time capturing the smiles because he's so fast...we've even had the occassional turn of the head when he sees the camera coming out.  We enjoyed dinner at Outback to celebrate my uh-hem39th-uh-hem birthday.  My sister-in-love Angela, hosted a baby shower to welcome Jackson, and of course you could find him at the table of goodies!  We spent the day on Sunday outside doing yardwork before the rains came...2 days of worth.  Jackson enjoyed the swing today.  Jackson will now sit and play on his toddler bed and loves anyone to lay next to him and pretend to sleep.  And of course, how could I not post a picture of Jackson tootin' his own horn!!!  He will use anything and make a horn out of it and walk around pretending to make music!!!

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