Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Construction Zone

The construction has begun on Jackson's bedroom. When we built this house 4 years ago, we chose the house plan because it had a family room and a living room. Our thoughts were that if either of our parents ever needed to come and live with us, we would be able to easily make the family room into a bedroom. So, for 4 years we have gone 'round and 'round about what to do with this room. It's not quite big enough for our sofa and ottoman, tv, wii, computer desk and computer, the Pottery Barn Kids table and 4 chairs, Kurt's Lazy Boy and then the Great Dane sized dog crate for Maggie (our chocolate lab), and I was never quite ready to take the plunge and turn it into our "workout" room. Little did we know that God had already planned to bless us with another child and already had HIS plans for this room; HIS plans for this house; HIS plans for this family...Our sweet Jackson!

Kurt was able to get the permit and begin construction on Jackson's bedroom on Friday. The kids were such great helpers! As I was in the laundry room with yet another load of laundry, Kurt came in (a couple of times) and said, "there's no turning back"! "Are you ready?" I AM READY! We have FINALLY made a decision about this room!! If you know Kurt and I, then you know that neither one of us likes to make the final decision...but, no hesitation on this! The carpet has been pulled back, the wall has been framed in and the additional tile has been laid outside of the bedroom. We've decided to put beautiful french doors on the bedroom, to keep the open feeling. When you come in the front door, you will be able to look down our hallway and see beautiful french doors instead of a generic bedroom door. We also decided it would be best to do it this way in case at some point Jackson and Jadon decided they would like to share a room. We finally purchased Jadon's "Big Boy" furniture last August...BUNK BEDS! If you ask Jadon how old he has to be in order to sleep on the top bunk, he will undoubtedly tell you "15"! Mama is not ready for her baby to be on the top bunk...especially coming from the child you was injured twice falling out of his toddler bed...one time needed the chin superglued at "Twilight Pediatrics" and the other time was the torn frenulum and a trip to the ER! So needless to say, Jackson will have his own room! Now we're waiting for the first inspection and then the electrician will come to do his thing!

This weekend God has covered me with a greater understanding of how he chooses to bless us. I never could have dreamed for the husband that I have, nor our beautiful, bright, sensitive, and funny children that love the Lord. I love this life that God has given me! I am so greatful that His mercies are new each morning and so greatful that I am no longer what I was!

Today we received our first "Certified" document back from the Michigan Secretary of State (Kurt's birth certificate) and it is ready to be mailed to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago! Yahoooo!!

Please pray for our family as we finish out this school year. I am still recovering from a week with only indoor recess due to the rains last week. Only 8 school days left! Please pray that Jackson stays healthy and that God begins to prepare his heart for his FOREVER FAMILY!

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