Tuesday, January 12, 2010


WE GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! our TA arrived last night!!! We are so excited and just thrilled to have this final step completed. We are waiting for our CA (Consulate Appointment) to be made. Our agency is trying to get the appointment for Feb. 2 or Feb. 3. If either one of these dates are available, then we will be leaving on Thursday, Jan. 21st and return Feb. 5th!!! Yes, you read that right!! It is only 9 days from now! If those dates are both full, then we will try for Feb. 9th or 10th and then will leave on Jan. 28th and returning Feb. 12th.

We are happy with either scenario. Soon we will be meeting our son for the first time!

Right now, we are quickly finishing the painting of his bedroom door. I have one last load of baby clothes to wash! I LOVE walking into his room...when I open the door all I smell is DREFT! Sydney and Jadon both had sensitive skin and mild eczema so we were unable to use Dreft or any sweet, baby-smelling lotions!

We will keep you updated on what our official travel dates will be. Thank you for your prayers! Please pray that the weather will start warming up in Beijing. We really want to be able to do the Beijing tour when we arrive, but the weather is quite unbearable right now. Last week the Beijing airport was closed due to snow! Please pray for Jackson. Everything that he has EVER known is going to be gone, but he will have the one thing he has NEVER known...a FOREVER FAMILY!!


Joanne said...

Oh, Stacy, you must be so excited!!!! I just wish we could've been traveling at the same time. We just got our I800, so it's March for us :o) Have you noticed how cold it has been in Datong recently !?! Hope Taiyuan is not quite as cold, or you are going to FREEZE!!! Doing a happy dance for you!!


Rachel said...

Ooohh I have goosebumps! So excited for you!

Jim, Joey, and the Boys said...

Congratulations! We can't wait to read more and follow your story! We can give you more detailed info since we just returned from China with Ally yesterday. She is also from Shanxi province. Good luck!