Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 More Days!

Can you believe that we only have 5 more days until we head out?

Today was spent packing my suitcase...well, it turned out to be Jackson's suitcase! We decided to go ahead and go to T*rget to buy Jackson his own little suitcase with a cute rocket on it. After running errands and picking up the last minute items, except for the travel Charmin toilet paper that no one in town seems to have right now, we arrived home and starting looking at Jackson's new suitcase. Boy, it sure looked bigger in the store! I managed to fit a few pairs of jammies in it and a few outfits, but everything else were the gifts that we take to give to our guides and the officials to show our appreciation. I'm praying that Kurt will have extra room in his suitcase to accomodate my clothes, too! Thankfully, on our return flight we will be able to check a full size suitcase for Jackson. You can pick them up in GZ for next to nothing!

Kurt is making the final electronics run. Skype is set up on all of our computers. We were practicing in the house, checking video, sound checks...gotta say I love it! We usually use MSN Messenger with Kurt's parents in Michigan. 2 THUMBS UP for SKYPE!

Kurt's parents should be arriving on Monday evening. We're hoping Sydney can make it just 2 more days with a sparkling, clean room!! Well, maybe not sparkling, but probably the best it's looked since I cleaned it while she was gone this summer!

We will try to do a test of posting video to the blog before we leave. Stefanie over at NiHao Y'all just returned from adopting their sweet Vivi and was able to post a brief video each day. It is truly remarkable to see the progress these little ones make each and every day that they are with their Forever Family!

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Anonymous said...

Thank for the updates, we are watching. Uncle Ray and Aunt Janet.