Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 1-Jade Factory

Our first day started early.  We woke up at 2:15am and then were able to go back to sleep until 4:15/4:30.  We got up and turned the tv on and were able to find something on HBO to watch.  After getting ready we headed down to our hotel restaurant for breakfast.  I was already feeling adventurous, so I ate some traditional Chinese breakfast foods with my scrambled eggs....fried rice and fried spaghetti!  It was YUMMY!

We met our guide and another WACAP family that we are traveling part of the time with.  The entire family is deaf and then I realized that one of the grandmothers in the group was a woman I had worked with at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind when I went to Flagler College.  It truly is a small world!

We went to the Jade Factory and learned how they carve the jade, the reasons for the different colors of Jade and also how to identify the glass "jade" and the marble "jade" and the authentic Jade.

We spent quite a long time walking around looking at everything they had.  There were many beautiful pieces.  While shopping you were constantly followed by a salesgirl...and I mean followed as in right on your heels.  We did make a small purchase for Jackson.

The weather is cold, but not unbearable.  We're not having to wear long-johns, so it's all good!!

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Valerie said...

Hi Kurt & Stacey,
Great pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. Looks like an amazing place. God bless.