Thursday, July 8, 2010

broke, again

We decided on Monday to send Jackson's BCA back to Otic*n.  We have been watching it work sporadically, thinking that it was just needing a new battery.

If you held the microphone up to your mouth and spoke, the oscillator would work perfectly.  But, for anyone else talking in the room, Jackson wouldn't hear ANY of it!  The microphone would not pick up sound from even an arm's length away.  We also couldn't get any feedback with it.

Our audiologist is asking for them to REPLACE it instead of fix it again.  We're hoping to have it back tomorrow because our 6 month post placement meeting with our amazing social worker is on Saturday morning.

We've noticed that when Jackson doesn't have his BCA, he is rather grumpy.  I guess I would be, too, if I didn't have my glasses on!

Jackson has been working really hard at trying to talk.  He now will call "Maggie" (our 85 lb. Lab) in from outside.  He's saying Mama more often.  He says "Mour" (more)  and my favorite is UT OH!  I think we even got an "AMEN" out of him at dinner!

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