Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's been busy since the last week of school. Our I800-A was mailed to USCIS on 6/2/09 and received on 6/5/09. We are currently awaiting notification of our fingerprinting appt. The kids and I drove to Tallahassee to the Secretary of State's office to have our documents certified on 6/10/09. Sydney celebrated her 8th birthday on 6/12/09 with a gorgeous handmade Victorian dollhouse from Grandma and Grandpa! On 6/15/09 received my birth certificate back from SOS and mailed all of our dossier to Chinese Consulate-Houston on 6/15/09. They received it this morning and we are hoping to have it all back within 10 days. Kurt's birth certificate is intransit as we speak from Chinsese Consulate-Chicago. As soon as our dossier is in our hands it will be sent to our agency. Only wait for DTC will be I800-A approval to be certified by SOS and then authenticated by Consulate. Read a post today about a family who's LID was early April 09 and received their LOA today! (This was a SN referral) I hope ours will be as quick. The kids are off to Michigan for a couple of weeks...the house is already too quiet without them! They've already hit the Valdosta outlets! Tomorrow they will visit Ruby Falls! Hope to have more to post soon! Now that Kurt's parents were surprised with Jackson's room, I'll get Kurt to post pictures. OOOOOO.....OOOOOOO.......OOOOOOO I forgot to tell you that we found out that Jackson has been in foster care since September!!!! Off to catch up on laundry and start my list of things to accomplish while the kids are away!!!

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